Brymor’s Ice Cream Parlour, High Jervaulx (near Masham)

Brymor’s Ice Cream

A working farm and family business keeping Guernsey cows and producing delicious ice-cream, Brymor’s have been making ice-cream for the last 25 years. Brymor ice-cream is very popular in North Yorkshire and appears to be growing in popularity elsewhere too. Although the ice-cream can be bought in numerous local outlets and some supermarkets such as Morrisons, it is worth dropping in at the farm, the home of Brymor ice-cream, to see where the ingredients come from and how the business started. Visitors can visit the cow shed where young Guernsey calves are kept and read the information boards which explain the history of the farm, the milking of the cows and the production process of the ice-cream. Here I learnt that the creamy taste of the ice-cream is due to the milk from the Guernsey cows which graze on the lush grass around Jervaulx, whilst the distinctive fruity flavours of the ice-cream come from Italy, a combination which leads to the ice-cream's delicious, creamy and tasty flavours.

The shop / ice-cream parlour offers around 35 flavours to choose from (one of my favourites is raspberry!) and 1 litre tubs can also be purchased to take home. For a special treat, Knickerbocker Glories can also be enjoyed in the conservatory/cafe. There is seating both inside and out though it would be nice to see more outside tables and benches outside as it can get very busy on a sunny day. It's worth combining a trip here with a visit to the nearby market town of Masham or Jervaulx Abbey to make a day of it.

For further information and opening times see their website:

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