Runswick Bay, North Yorkshire


Runswick Bay is one of the most picturesque settings on the east coast in Yorkshire. A settlement at Runswick Bay has existed since Roman times and the sheltered bay beneath the steep cliffs has provided an ideal location over the years for people to live, fish (and smuggle) like so many places on this stretch of coastline.

As you walk from the car park down the road towards bay, you cannot miss how stunning this stretch of coastline is and the houses on the north side of the bay are all beautifully maintained and almost form a maize that can be explored as there are no roads as such just very narrow footpaths and each house backs onto another. The current houses located on the edge of Runswick Bay have had their fare share of battering from the weather and in 1862 virtually all of them were demolished by a landslide. Miraculously no-one was injured as the village had been evacuated.

Today, Runswick Bay offers visitors an enjoyable walk along the sandy pebble beach heading south towards the cliffs below Kettleness. Watersports are also incredibly popular at Runswick Bay which also has it's own sailing club and windsurfing and catamarans can be regularly seen frequenting the bay.

Tea and Refreshments are also available near the car park, and off all the picturesque locations on the east coast of Yorkshire, Runswick Bay is one of the best.


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