The Bay Horse, Aldwark

The Bay Horse - Aldwark

Following a previous post regarding the quality of eating pubs between Boroughbridge and Easingwold, it was nice once again to find somewhere serving high quality food in a warm and welcoming environment.

Situated close to the River Ouse, The Bay Horse, Aldwark, has recently been extensively refurbished and is now owned by a restaurateur who clearly has high hopes for the pub and is offering food to rival any pub in the area. Clearly the Bay Horse, Aldwark, have done their homework and recruited an excellent chef who knows his food very well. Add into the mix a desire to use local produce wherever possible (and make this known on the menu) and the result is an impressive array of food that should just about please everyone.

The menu at the Bay Horse, Aldwark is a good one, with a sensible choice of dishes offering main courses costing between £11 and £16. To start with on our evening out, the posh prawn cocktail (£6) was ordered, followed by the local rib-eye steak in a Remy Martin sauce. The prawn cocktail arrived in an usually shaped large cocktail glass but being 'posh' came with an extra couple of hot battered king prawns on the side. This was a nice touch and really added something to what is essentially a very simple starter. The steak was also excellent and sourced from a quality local supplier, however the thing that really stood out was the attention to detail in respect of all the extras such as the vegetables, which were delicious. So many times when you eat out, things like the vegetables can be disappointing but the chef at the Bay Horse, Aldwark had made the effort to cook these with a touch of garlic and oil that really added to the taste. The same was also true of the Portobello Mushroom on top of the rib-eye steak which had also been fried in garlic oil and it really brought out the full flavour of the mushroom.

To sum up, it was very hard to find any fault with any of the dishes we sampled that night, and it was quite obvious that the kitchen was well run and organised judging by the quality of food served. The bill, including drinks, for a starter, two main courses and two desserts came to £52 which is in line with similar pubs around this area of North Yorkshire, and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to others as a place to enjoy good food.


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