The Lion Inn - Blakey Ridge, North Yorkshire


Situated on the North Yorkshire Moors road between Hutton-le-Hole and Castleton, the Lion Inn at Blakey Ridge is one of the remotest pubs in England and the fifth highest in the country at 1,325 metres above sea level.

The Lion Inn, Blakey Ridge, has an excellent beer garden that offers some fantastic panoramics of Farndale and Rosedale to the south. We were very fortunate that on the day we visited, it was a beautiful day, and so perfect for enjoying a pint outside. As you can imagine being so remote and high above sea level, the Lion Inn, Blakey Ridge, can easily get cut off and snowed in during winter, but this should not deter anyone from visiting this wonderful pub especially given that it has fourteen rooms for accommodation and it is hard to think of a better location in which to get snowed in.

The Lion Inn, Blakey Ridge also has a glowing reputation for its food which is obvious from the number of awards on the front door. Sadly we did not get to sample the "real" food when we visited as we cycling from Helmsley on route to Whitby and just wanted a sandwich and a bowl of chips. However, I have to say it was a lovely piece of ham in the sandwich and the chips were what I call "proper" chips - freshly peeled, cut and fried potatos as opposed to the inferior frozen or freeze dried variety that are so often served.

The other prominent feature of the Lion Inn, Blakey Ridge, is the selection of beer on offer. It is such a pleasant surprise for a beer lover like myself to walk into a pub these days and see a full complement of cask ales which in this case includes Theakston's Best, XB and Old Peculiar and at least three others which is a credit to this pub.

To sum up, we could not find fault with the Lion Inn, Blakey Ridge, it is an absolute gem and we will most definitely be visiting it again when we come up to walk on the ridge and explore the Rosedale Railway - superb.

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